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modern technical services

trying to keep up in today's era of ever changing technology can be extremely difficult, time consuming and ultimately expensive. this is compounded with trying to run your day to day business, stay efficient at work or even maintain secure, fast home computer systems. worse still, many over the counter or commercial solutions can add difficult learning curves, temporary band-aid approaches and rigid `one size fits all` layer to try address operational volatility. we realized there's a growing need for user friendly, cost effective specialized technical services that can match rapid evolution. our response was to put ourselves in the customer's shoes and to force us to develop effective facilitation methods that focus on three key pillars:

expert support

our initial consultation produces a mandatory goal checklist for us to to follow so there's no question of what you are receiving. we also back you up above and beyond our already excellent scheduled support and revisions with hands on fixes or walk throughs. if unforeseen issues arise, simply contact us for prompt, friendly assistance.

flexible payments

it's true that you get what you pay for but we didn't want to be forcing customers into making large out of pocket payments with sales tactics. our scientific pricing arrangement balances reasonable payments with your budget. compared to other expensive tech help services our flexible, economic, payment approach frees you up from worrying about large fees.

fast turnaround

being able to get things done quickly without compromising on quality is paramount for us and essential for your business success. we developed a transparent time-line tracking system of milestones, reports and alerts so you know exactly how far close we are to completing your project. time is money and it's in our interest to make sure you get the most of yours.